WebRave is a Johannesburg based South Africa registered company. We specialize in Search Engine Marketing. Our basis is that a state of the art website or web property is not enough to earn profit for the business. Beyond a great web property a business needs relevant tariff that will convert into leads and finally, paying clients if that business is to survive and be successful. WebRave comes in to crack and simplify the “rocket science” of Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and Content Marketing. We are a cutting edge SEO Company in Johannesburg. Our SEO packages are tailored for huge blue chip companies, small to medium enterprises as well startups with shoe string digital marketing budgets. We have SEO packages for Johannesburg (city based) and SEO Packages for Gauteng (provincial), SEO Packages for South Africa (National) and of course the global SEO service. WebRave thrives on results. We research your market and conduct a thorough keyword research and strike the balance between keyword search volume and competition difficulty (“rankability”), all this in light of your budget and timeframes.

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Having a website is one thing. Having a website that gets traffic is another and having a website that gets relevant traffic is yet another.

Search Engine Optimisation Gauteng


Are you Getting Relevant Traffic?

If you have not optimized your website you are missing out on countless prospective visitors who do not know your website but are looking for the services and products you are selling.

How SEO Works

Search Engine Optimization pertains to formatting your web pages and website content such that search engines can identify the pages and rank them against certain search keywords. If you are offering laundry services in Alberton for example you want your website to come up when someone searches for “laundry services Albert on”. Optimize your website Now.

How We Rank Pages

Take note that search engines rank web pages and not websites. We rank pages by conducting keyword research first. Keyword research shows us search volume and keywords which keywords people punch in on the search bar when looking for certain services or products.

SEO Implementation

Keyword research also shows us search volume and how easy or difficult it will be to rank for that keyword on the first page based on current competition. When we have conducted thorough keyword research we then can plan strategies to rank the target pages. The strategies mainly involve writing quality content keyword optimized on those keywords and publishing them on the target website/blog. We also implement various link building techniques so as to get contextual links and driving the target page up the rankings.

Don’t have a WebSite?

No problem. Building websites is one of our specialties. From the basic 5 pagers to the complex database driven systems and platforms we can handle it all. Our web design service involves consultation with the client then design and layout brainstorming and planning, then the actual design follows followed by testing and evaluation.

Quick Turn Around

For your basic 5 pager we take 2-3 working days and for more complex web systems the turnaround depends on the concept. Our websites come with basic mobile access and elementary search engine optimization off-the-box.
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We are here to transform your website from a digital brochure to a lead generation machine.

Through market and keyword research, innovation and determination.

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