Search Engine Optimisation Johannesburg

Our Search Engine optimization involves revamping websites and sprucing up the pages and page content formatting to make the web pages visible to search engines for specific keywords. We analyze your website in relation to your business goals and hence your online presence goals. The main components of our SEO work are On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. On Page SEO pertains to working on your web pages’ anatomy such that your pages can be indexed by search engines and ranked accordingly. We work on your titles, your images and images alt tags, Meta description and Meta keywords tags, content length and keyword density, etc. Off Page pertains to generating backlinks to your website in contextual blogs and websites. This work involves content marketing, guest blogging etc. Our work is underpinned on results-based techniques and strategies and giving our clients comprehensive weekly reports.

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Web Design Johannesburg

A fully functioning website is a must-have if you are to make a meaningful online presence either for your personal services or business objectives. We design all kinds of websites from the basic 5 pagers to the complex state-of-the-art interfaces as well as the robust database driven systems. Our Web Design Johannesburg service spans work on all sorts of web properties. WebRave also redesigns websites to make them compliant to search engine visibility. Mobile friendliness is one of the key factors used by search engines to rank websites. In fact Google has over 200 ranking factors that are computed when a searcher punches in a query. The crucial ones pertain to On Page while some critical factors fall in the off Page scope. We also redesign websites all these key factors for as well as site load speed which is another critical ranking factor in Search rankings.

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Web Development Johannesburg

Our development wing caters to more complex and robust web applications that require database functionality and back-end as well as robust front end user interfaces. We develop membership websites, ecommerce solutions as well as multilevel network marketing websites. Our development work begins with comprehensive consultation with the client to enable us to characterize the goals and needs of the clients and hence the structure of the property to be created. What follows consultation is design conceptualization, then the actual development, followed by evaluation and testing. We move with the clients at every stage of the development cycle until the project is declared satisfactorily complete by the client.

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white hat and black hat seo johannesburg

As a prospective SEO client you have right to know what methods your service provider will employ to get your website up the rankings or to deliver whatever they claim to deliver. What you need to understand from the get go is that when it comes to SEO there are basically two hats. The White Hat and Black Hat. White Hat pertains to all acceptable and orthodox means of optimizing websites for search. Black Hat, as the phrase suggests, denotes all methods and techniques that are aimed at gaming the system, in other words techniques aimed at manipulating search engines and getting poor-quality web pages to the ranks they do not deserve. Google and other search engines have gotten smarter over the years and such activity practiced on any web page will lead to the de-ranking of that website at best or the site being completely de-indexed (delisted) from the entire Google SERPS even for branded searches. That means even when you search for yourwebsite.com on the search bar it will not even come up if it has been de -ndexed. So don’t even think about it.
As a protective SEO client you therefore need to know what methods your service provider will be using and you deserve to know what they will do and how they will do it. WebRave believes in 100% transparency. Before we start with any SEO work we will research your market and web opportunities and thus assemble a strategy proposition and submit it to you for approval. We do nothing without your approval and everything we propose and do is 100% white hat.

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We have the expertise, the right tools and a wealth of experience and track record to prove it. 


Keyword Research

The foundation of our SEO work comprises keyword research and competitive intelligence. We have premium keyword research tools that give us insights into what your target customers are searching for. The data comes with search volume figures and different keywords variations and phrases that give us seed to use in content marketing and link building.
keyword research must in fact be the foundation of every traffic generation mindful web design. More often businesses shoot for web design first then traffic generation becomes an afterthought.

Competitive Intelligence 

Competitive intelligence entails doing forensics on the players of your market, particularly those ranking on the first page from number 1 to 10. This helps us determine the weak points in the competition landscape. It also help us determine how much of work and time will go into improving your rankings for a certain keyword. After this phase we will be able to tell you why your competitors are outranking your website and therefore what needs to be done to take your website up the ranks.

 Strategy Formulation

Keyword research and Competitive intelligence becomes the basis of our strategy formulation. With the two components we then get to know what we should do and how we should do it, as well as how long it may take to get results. We get to map out the strongest factors of your competition and set out to outdo those. Our strategy is multifaceted and we don’t get carried away with chasing rankings at the expense of various valuable traffic opportunities. 

How to Get Started with SEO

Free SEO Analysis Johannesburg

Site Analysis

We have a SEO Analysis and Report Generator app that you can use to SEO analyse your website for free right now. (www.webarave.co.za)For our signed up clients we have a more comprehensive SEO analyzer for inhouse use that sets the take off for our work. If you are not happy with the traffic your website is getting the first step to take is to contact us and give us your estimated monthly budget so we can give you a free SEO quote.

Web SEO Report Johannesburg

SEO Analysis
Once we get your quote request we begin our SEO analysis work. This part involves keyword and market research. It is also at this stage where we gather competitive intelligence and map out the strongest and weakest points of the current competition. Once we have diagnosed your website through our SWOT analysis framework we then move into strategy proposition.

SEO Strategy Johannesburg

Proposition and Agreement
Strategy Proposition involves putting together an action plan of how we can improve the rankings of your website on search engines. Coupled with this is how we can improve traffic to your website based on SEO. Take note that our work is 100% ethical meaning that we do not seek to promise anything beyond what we can deliver. Search engines are not owned by us nor anyone except the Search Engine owners and thus all deliverables declared are in condition to present factors.

Implementation & Reportage
Once you have explored the strategy proposition and have signed the agreement we then begin the actual work. We take off with On Page SEO and then move Off Page. Throughout this process you will get reports on what we are doing and the keywords we are targeting, tracking and monitoring. SEO is medium term to long term work and you are cautioned not get your business into any SEO contracts if you are looking for quick fixes and overnight solutions. This is why our standard SEO package spans at least 6 months of continuous work. A lot of work goes into ranking well and getting the right traffic. Understanding this is very crucial.

We can transform your website from a desert to an oasis of relevant traffic.!

Through our SEO forensics, strategies and results-oriented techniques.